Winter Maintenance for Ram Trucks in Elk Point

May 23,2022

Alberta drivers are no strangers to wicked winter weather, slick roads and plummeting temperatures, but it can come as a shock to vehicles. To keep your  Ram 1500, 2500 or 3500  from St. Paul Dodge in top shape during the colder months, follow this winter maintenance checklist to safeguard your truck from the harsh weather ahead.

  1. Protect the Exterior of Your Ram:  Don't let car washes fall to the wayside during winter. Keeping the exterior clean will remove road salt from the body, which is a known cause of corrosion.
  2. Change the Oil:  Better winter performance starts with switching from conventional to synthetic oil, which flows better in low temperatures, making it easier to start the engine.
  3. Maintain Your Ram's Battery:  The heat of summer takes a toll on batteries, causing them to fail come winter. To avoid being stranded, have your battery inspected and tested regularly and replaced when required.
  4. Prioritize Visibility:  Your Ram's lighting systems and windshield wipers ensure visibility in low-light conditions. Be sure to replace your wiper blades to ensure their performance and change any exterior light bulbs that are burnt out.
  5. Inspect Your Ram's Tires:  To ensure the most traction on slick surfaces, inspect your tires for sufficient tread depth and check that the tires are properly inflated with the correct pressure. Consider equipping the Ram with winter tires too.

For more auto advice for ensuring your Ram's performance in winter weather,  contact  our Service Department today to speak with an advisor.