Why Your Work Truck Needs Heavy Duty Coil Spring Suspension in Cold Lake, AB

May 23,2022

Coil springs are an essential part of any vehicle's suspension system. They absorb the impact of a rough and uneven road, making for a smoother ride and protecting other drivetrain components from rattling and wear-and-tear. 

Pickups like the  RAM 3500  have heavy-duty coil springs, which use denser materials to provide better protection than standard units. If your truck lacks this extra-strong component, you can visit our  service centre  to find out if you can upgrade to more-capable ones.  

Here are some of the reasons to use a truck with heavy-duty suspension. 

You can carry heavier loads

Heavy-duty coil springs can handle heavier loads than regular ones and will provide a stiffer, more responsive ride when you are towing a boat or construction equipment.

You can drive on rougher roads

Heavy-duty coil springs are ideal for rocky, uneven roads. They provide comfort for you and your passengers and keep vehicle components from breaking.

You get more clearance room

Heavy-duty coil springs can boost your ground clearance by an inch or more compared to regular units, and they will keep that distance from the road even if you are carrying a hefty load. 

To find a truck with heavy-duty suspension or to inquire about installing new coils, contact our dealership today. We will happily schedule you an appointment with our service team at your earliest convenience.