When Do St. Paul Drivers Need to Flush Their Coolant Systems?

May 23,2022

The coolant system prevents the engine from overheating (and freezing if it sits unused in the wintertime). The liquid is effective, but it loses its strength over time. 

When should you change or add coolant, and how often do you need to flush the entire system to ensure it remains in perfect working order? 

A professional technician will want to check the system every two years or 50,000 km. Ideally, they can spot issues and flush and replace the coolant to avoid damaging buildup. 

Additionally, if your temperature gauge indicates that the engine is running hot, it could be a coolant issue. If the problem persists, you may need to consider visiting your service centre. 

You might also notice a sweet smell coming from under your hood. The main ingredient in coolant is ethylene glycol, which has a candy-like scent. If you notice this odour, it could be a sign of a leak or evaporation caused by excess heat.

If you notice these signs or if it is time for a regularly scheduled coolant system check, contact our St. Paul, AB service centre today to make an appointment.