Wheel Alignment Service for Dodge Vehicles in Vegreville

May 23,2022

Proper wheel alignment is critical for keeping your Dodge operating safely on Alberta roads. However, it can be an overlooked maintenance issue that doesn't get the attention it deserves. We see it repeatedly in our Service Department at St. Paul Dodge in Alberta drivers whose cars are misaligned, yet they are unaware of how easy it is to fix.

Not sure what to look out for? Here are four telltale signs that your vehicle is overdue for a wheel alignment service:

  1. Off-centred steering wheel:  If you're driving down a level road, your steering wheel should be sitting straight and return to the centre after each turn. If not, your alignment needs correcting.
  2. Vehicle pull:  If you're driving along a flat surface and notice your vehicle pulling to the left or right, your Dodge's alignment is skewed and needs addressing.
  3. Abnormal tire wear:  An adequately aligned vehicle should have even tire wear across all four tires. If you notice wear on the inside and outside edges or feathering and scalloping, that means your alignment needs adjusting.  
  4. Loose handling:  If your Dodge's steering feels loose and unstable or the vehicle lacks steering control around turns, a wheel alignment service can fix this problem.  

Improper alignment not only alters your vehicle's drivability, but it wears out your tires and reduces your safety. To book an inspection with our Service Department,  contact our team  at St. Paul Dodge in AB today.