What You Need to Know About Tire Maintenance in Lloydminster, AB

May 23,2022

Your tires are the only parts of your vehicle that come into direct contact with the road. They experience ongoing wear and tear and need to be maintained for both performance and safety. 

Ideally, you will inspect your tires monthly. However, if you drive regularly, especially on uneven roads or a cold climate, you should check them once every two weeks. Below are some of the things to consider while examining the wheels. 

Tires can suffer from one of three problems that can cause excess and uneven wear and tear: 

  • Over-inflation
  • Under-inflation  
  • Poor wheel alignment
  • Over-inflation makes the middle wear faster, but insufficient air pressure causes the edges to age more quickly. Poor wheel alignment diminishes the treads on one side of the tire while leaving the other looking new (because it is not actually contacting the road).  

Rotating and Wheel Alignment

Your front and rear tires wear down at different rates, so it's a good idea to visit a service centre to rotate them every 8,000 km to get the most life out of them. You should also have your wheels aligned after 20,000 kilometres, or if you ever notice that the steering is not straight. 

If you would like assistance with your tire maintenance, contact our service centre today and schedule an appointment.