What Unusual Components of Your Car Need Lubrication in North Battlefield, AB?

May 23,2022

You may know that your engine needs regular oil changes. However, other components also need lubrication, especially when cold weather rolls around.

Here are some elements in your car that you should consider lubricating, either yourself or at a service centre, especially before it gets cold. 

Window tracks
Window tracks need a dry Teflon or silicone spray at least once a year. Be sure to cover the front, rear, and top channels, then open and close each a few times to ensure an even spread.  

Hood latch
A hood latch needs aerosol lithium grease. For the best lube, apply the substance to the locking mechanism. You can also add the dry Teflon from your windows to the inside of the lock cylinder.

Door hinges
A little aerosol lithium grease can also help the door hinges work smoothly and protect them from rust. You need to make sure the hinge area is clean before application.  

Lock cylinders
These little slots are where you put your key to lock and unlock the doors. You can inject some dry Teflon into the cylinders to lubricate them for smooth operation.  

A skilled auto technician can help you with these other lubrication jobs during regularly scheduled maintenance. Contact our service centre to make an appointment today.