What Should First-Time Pickup Truck Shoppers in St. Paul, AB Look For?

May 23,2022

Pickups are versatile vehicles that can handle a wide range of tasks. Selecting the correct truck can be complicated because you do not want to end up with features and functions you do not need. Here are some things to consider to help you master the shopping process. 

What Is the Intended Use?

When shopping for a pickup, such as a  RAM, you can choose different bed lengths, door counts, and powertrains. Consider how many passengers will use the vehicle and how much you need to haul or tow. You do not want to overbuy because a stronger truck can have worse fuel economy and be more challenging to steer.  

Take a "Real Life" Test Drive

Pickup trucks are longer, heavier, and more top-heavy than sedans. They don't carve corners or park the same way. Be sure to test drive the vehicle in places you are likely to frequent so that you can see how it handles in real-life situations. 

If you want a light-duty truck (like the  RAM 1500) or a heavy-duty model (like the RAM 2500),  contact  our St. Paul, AB dealership to schedule a test drive.