What North Battlefield Drivers Should Know About Sport Suspensions

May 23,2022

Autos like the  2021 Dodge Durango  R/T offer sport-tuned suspension. This element is usually paired with performance-oriented vehicles (the SUV mentioned above has a 5.7L V8 engine). What exactly does the special feature bring to drivers?  

Generally, suspension systems smooth out the ride so that you do not feel all the bumps on the road. It also helps keep tires fully in contact with the pavement. A vehicle featuring sport tuning focuses more on the latter because it improves overall control. 

The Durango R/T, for example, has a firmer ride than SUVs with standard suspension tuning. However, the driver gets a really good feel for the road, and the wheels offer a more solid grip. Overall, you get much better control on corners and curves and during acceleration. 

In a vehicle with sport-tuned suspension, you also get less body roll. This occurs when the cabin sways or moves excessively during aggressive steering or speed changes. 

To ensure that the sport suspension is functioning correctly, you need to monitor tire pressure and wheel alignment. A mechanic can check shocks, springs, and axles during routine maintenance. 

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