What Can St. Paul Vehicle Owners Do with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

Apr 12,2022

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility has become a selling point for new vehicles, including  minivans  and  pickups. What exactly can you expect from this feature?

Apple CarPlay (pre-installed on iPhones with iOS 7.1 or higher) and Android Auto (downloadable from the Play Store) allow you to connect your device to your car's infotainment interface. You can then rely on the vehicle's touchscreen to view and use apps for things like navigation and music streaming. Also, you can take advantage of the voice controls for hands-free calling and texting. 

You need to connect your device to the media centre (though Android Auto can work directly on your phone, too). You can pair it using Bluetooth or via a USB. The advantage of a wired connection is that the port can also provide charging, so the battery doesn't drain. 

To see which vehicles have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, contact our St. Paul, AB dealership.