What are the Charging Options for a Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle in Saint Paul, Alberta?

May 23,2022

Plug-in hybrid vehicles, such as the  Chrysler Pacifica minivan, can provide excellent fuel efficiency. If fully replenished, the battery can handle shorter commutes and trips without involving the gas engine. It is essential, therefore, to understand the charging systems.  

Level 1 chargers are the simplest option. With these systems, you connect your vehicle to a standard 120-volt outlet. The advantage is that you do not need any specialised equipment or outlets. Instead, you can use a regular household plug. The disadvantage is that the process is slow. 

If you can charge overnight, this option will be sufficient. However, a Level 2 unit can give you a full battery in two hours. The drawback is that it requires a 240-volt current. Some vehicles, such as the 2021 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, have these special outlets available for owners.

If you are interested in a plug-in gas-electric car, truck, or van, you can contact our Saint Paul dealership to discuss options for models and charging systems.