What Are the Advantages of a Remote Start System in North Battlefield, AB?

May 23,2022

Remote starters are among the most popular features in modern vehicles. They don't always come standard, but it is possible to have a service center technician install one for you. The system is available on many autos, including the  Jeep Grand Cherokee  and  Dodge Charger.  

Remote starters are especially beneficial in areas with extreme weather changes, but they can also offer other advantages.

Warm up the engine before driving

Starting your engine and driving immediately can stress the motor because the oil hasn't had time to warm up yet. You can trigger the remote ignition before leaving the house, giving the lubricant a chance to heat up and become effective.

Greater security

With a remote starter, your keys don't need to be in the vehicle while the engine is running, but it will switch off if someone opens the door or sits in the driver's seat. The car is perfectly secure as it warms up. 

Warm your car and windshield beforehand

You can set the defrost and heater in the "on" position, and they will warm and de-ice the vehicle after you activate the remote start feature. This advantage can be especially desirable during cold winters.

If you would like to find a vehicle with a remote starter, contact our dealership today. You can also visit our service centre to inquire about having a system installed.