What Are Rain Sensing Windshield Wipers in St. Paul, AB?

May 23,2022

Rain sensing wipers can help keep the windshield clear. Not only do these devices start when they see droplets of precipitation on the window, but they can adjust the speed so that the driver does not have to do it manually. 

The unique tool, available on vehicles such as the  Jeep Grand Cherokee, relies on special sensors. These are usually located on the top of the dash behind the windshield, and they contain infrared lights. The beams reflect off the glass, but the angle of the refraction is different when they hit water droplets. The unit sees this difference and activates the wipers. It can also detect the amount of precipitation  and adjust the speed accordingly.  

Of course, drivers may have different preferences for their wipers. Most automated options possess settings that allow you to adjust the sensitivity. Alternatively, you can override the sensors and control everything manually. 

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