Tire Rotation Service for Ram 1500 Trucks in Two Hills

May 23,2022

Tire rotations are an essential element for the regular upkeep and safety of  Ram 1500  trucks; however, it's a common maintenance item that's easy to overlook. If you haven't had your truck's tires rotated in the last 8,000-12,000 km, book your Ram 1500 in for service at St. Paul Dodge in Alberta.

Tire rotation is a critical part of routine maintenance for various reasons:

  1. Extends Tread Life
    Rotating the Ram 1500's tires regularly ensures that wear is distributed equally across all four wheels, which extends the life of the tread. Since each position on your vehicle necessitates a different amount of traction from each tire, this can result in uneven rubber wear.
  2. Improves Traction
    Even tread wear ensures consistent tread depths, thus providing consistent traction and handling across all four tires. This enhances the Ram 1500's cornering and braking performance, but it is also essential to your safety.
  3. Reduces Strain
    Evenly worn tires minimize loads on 4x4-equipped Ram 1500 trucks, which extends the life of drivetrain components and wards off expensive repairs.

When you visit our Service Department at St. Paul Dodge in Alberta, our team will complete a thorough tire inspection to look for uneven wear or any other issues. We will also check your tire tread depth and ensure proper pressure so that you can drive safely and with confidence.

To book your Ram 1500 service visit, contact us today.