The Unexpected Benefits of Tinted Windows for Lloydminster Auto Owners

May 23,2022

Tinted windows, like those available on the  2021 Jeep Cherokee, have esthetic value for many owners - serving as sleek contrasts to metallic trims, roof rails, and sculpted hood-lines. However, they also have practical benefits that a driver would appreciate (whether or not they care about their vehicle's exterior appearance).

UV Protection

UV rays can cause damage to the skin, reducing the moisture, elasticity, and cellular structure of the outer layer - which can heighten the risk of sun-burn and other conditions. Tinted windows can block up to 99% of all ultraviolet radiation, however, and assure a safer cabin experience for all passengers. 

UV rays aren't just harmful for your skin. They can also cause your upholstery to fade much faster than it otherwise would (cloth, suede, and leather materials are all affected). This will not only impact appearance, but it can also reduce a car's resale value.

Better Fuel Economy

Window tinting doesn't just block the sun's UV radiation. It also stops solar heat. This means you will use the air conditioning less, which will lead to better fuel economy - with fewer resources needed and engine strain decreased. 

If your vehicle does not have tinted windows, a  service centre  may be able to apply a laminate to the glass.  Contact  our St. Paul dealership to find out more.