Suspension Inspections and Repairs in St. Paul

May 23,2022

Winter brings many driving hazards to Alberta, including snow-covered roads, black ice and harsh conditions. But, with spring's arrival, another danger will rear its ugly head and that's the dreaded pothole.

Potholes are especially prominent this time of year and are caused by the freezing and thawing cycles that allow moisture to seep into the road surfaces, causing them to crumble. When this happens, potholes form and pose a severe threat to your  Ram 1500's suspension.

And while little can be done to prevent the deterioration of Alberta's infrastructure, there are ways to protect your truck from unnecessary damage. Here are five tips from our Service Department at St. Paul Dodge:

  1. Stick to familiar routes to anticipate potholes or avoid them altogether.  
  2. Always travel on well-lit roads where potholes are easier to spot.
  3. Follow the speed limit and remain alert to see potholes before driving into them.
  4. Never skid or stop hard over a pothole brake before impact to minimize damage.  
  5. After hitting a pothole, inspect for damage and watch for signs of alignment pull or unsteady steering.

Don't let rough asphalt slow you down. Keep your Ram 1500's suspension system in prime condition with regular inspections and maintenance from our service experts at St. Paul Dodge.  Call us  to book your appointment today!