St. Paul AB: When Should I Get My Car Filter Replaced?

May 12,2022

A car filter ensures that your vehicle runs smoothly and safely, by preventing contaminants from making their way into the engine.  When this essential part becomes too dirty, it can result in extra money at the pump or more serious problems if you’re not careful.

Vehicles will display a number of signs when the filter has reached its limit, the most obvious being the Service Engine light. Other indicators may include reduced horsepower and efficiency.

Also lookout for difficulty starting the car or strange engine sounds. Lastly, if you notice black smoke or flames coming out of your exhaust pipe, it’s definitely time to visit a mechanic.

To avoid these worrying signs, it’s best to have your vehicle’s filter routinely replaced every 12 months or 15,000 to 25,000 km, depending on which comes first.

Fortunately, the team at St. Paul Dodge is here to help with all of your car filter needs. Schedule an appointment today and check out our other maintenance services.