St. Paul, AB: Signs Your Car May Need its Tires Rotated

May 12,2022

All tires need to be rotated periodically, especially new ones. While the general recommendation is every 8,000 km, there are signs to look for that might indicate that you should head to the mechanic sooner.

It's common for front wheels to loose grip faster than those in the rear. If you observe notable or irregular tread wear on specific tires, it can be a sign that it's time to have them rotated.

If you experience vehicle vibration when traveling over 45 mph, it could mean a tire imbalance or, again, uneven wear.

Should you find that one tire is slowly losing air - while the others remain steadfast - it could be the result of an imbalance putting more pressure on a particular wheel.

If you think your vehicle's tires should be rotated, get in touch with our team at St. Paul Dodge. We're also happy to assist you with any other car maintenance needs.