St. Paul, AB: Signs That There May Be Something Wrong With Your Car’s Suspension

May 12,2022


Composed of ball joints, springs, shock absorbers, and various other parts, your vehicle’s suspension is an intricate system that influences numerous functions, including handling and traversing uneven surfaces. With so many pieces working in tandem, it’s not unusual for issues or damage to occur over a car’s lifetime.

To avoid major repair bills, look for these suspension problem indicators:

  • Difficulty steering under normal driving situations
  • Overly bumpy rides across usual surfaces
  • A noticeable pull or drift to the left or right
  • An apparent imbalance of weight distribution when parked
  • Excessive bouncing after bumps
  • Lurching forward when braking

If you’re observing any of these issues with your car or have traveled over 70,000 miles, it’s time to visit St. Paul Dodge. Contact our team today or schedule an appointment online. You can also check out our other available services here.