Spark Plug Replacements for Ram 1500 Trucks in St. Paul

May 23,2022

Most drivers don't think twice about the spark plugs in their gas-powered trucks including the  Ram 1500   but these small parts play an essential role in how a vehicle functions. Unfortunately, over time, they can wear out and require replacement and without properly working spark plugs, internal combustion within the engine is near impossible.  

Want to know what to look out for? Here are some spark plug warning signs from our Technicians at St. Paul Dodge in Alberta:

Your truck won't start
If your gas tank is full and your battery is in good working order, but your Ram 1500 won't start, your spark plugs may be the issue. This part is responsible for producing an electric spark to start the ignition and is a simple and inexpensive fix. 

Your truck engine misfires
If your Ram 1500's engine misfires, it could be a sign that the spark plug wire is damaged. This is often characterized by sputtering sounds from the engine. If it is left to misfire, exhaust emissions will increase, engine power will decrease, and fuel efficiency will drop. 

Your truck gets poor gas mileage  
A faulty spark plug is often the reason for inadequate fuel economy in trucks. Simply replacing this part according to your Ram 1500's maintenance schedule will significantly improve gas mileage.

Your truck is slow to accelerate
A spark plug is made of materials that work together to produce a spark hot enough to ignite the air-fuel mixture. When those materials wear out, the plug's effectiveness is reduced, which significantly impacts acceleration.

For more auto advice for ensuring your Ram 1500's performance, contact our Service Department today to speak with an advisor at St. Paul Dodge in AB.