Scheduled Maintenance for Jeep SUVs in Two Hills

May 23,2022

You made a wise purchase decision when you bought your  Jeep. To ensure the most enjoyable ownership experience, give it the treatment it deserves by keeping it in top operating condition. By choosing to maintain your SUV with St. Paul Dodge's Service Department in AB, you can ward off unexpected repairs and enjoy added perks like better fuel efficiency and longevity.

Here are three costly repairs that can be avoided with regular maintenance:

  • Engine failure
    Replacing an engine can be very costly. Damage to this component is often related to a broken timing belt, a failed fuel or water pump, a broken alternator, a ruptured radiator hose, or a broken engine thermostat. Regular maintenance and engine inspections can spot a needed repair before it leads to failure or replacement.
  • Catalytic converter damage
    The catalytic converter reduces harmful pollutants in your exhaust system. Damage can occur if the engine is poorly tuned, an oxygen sensor is faulty, or oil, coolant or excessive fuel enters the exhaust system. Keeping this component in good condition will also increase your fuel economy and avoid sudden repairs.
  • Rotor and drum damage
    Brake pads and shoes wear out over time and can risk damaging your rotors or drums when they reach the metal-on-metal point. Regularly inspecting your brakes can ensure you have enough friction material on your pads and shoes to increase your stopping power and avoid unforeseen rotor or drum replacements.

To learn more,  contact  our Service Department at St. Paul Dodge in Alberta to speak with an advisor.