Schedule a Ram Transmission Flush in Two Hills

May 23,2022

It's a sequence of worrisome indications as you drive to the job site only to hear grinding and whining noises coming from under the hood. Your  Ram  is slipping gears, and you have trouble getting into reverse. The engine is also running hot and revving high. It can only mean one thing your truck is due for a transmission flush from St. Paul Dodge's Service Department in Alberta.

Transmission fluid plays an important role in the proper function of your Ram. Not only is it a lubricant, but it serves as a hydraulic fluid that facilitates gear shifts, cools the transmission and greases moving parts. If you drive in high-stress conditions, haul heavy loads or regularly tow, the fluid deteriorates faster, requiring a flush. Transmission fluid can also accumulate debris and particles and requires changing to avoid mechanical problems.

When you bring your Ram in for service at St. Paul Dodge, our factory-trained technicians will inspect your transmission to determine the condition of the fluid and whether it's time for a replacement. If a flush is necessary, all deteriorated transmission fluid will be cleared from the system and re-filled, ensuring all debris and build-up is removed. This service will restore your Ram's performance for the winter and ensure smooth shifting and gear transitions for the road ahead.

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