Ram Starter Replacements in Lac La Biche

May 23,2022

There is nothing worse than climbing into a truck after a long day of work to find the engine won't start. In most cases, a faulty starter is to blame. While this is a relatively quick fix, there are warning signs that you can watch out for to catch the problem before you're left stranded.

Here are six indications that you should bring your  Ram  into St. Paul Dodge in AB for a service inspection:

  1. The engine won't turn over
    If your Ram's engine won't ignite, the starter motor may be experiencing an electrical issue.
  2. The starter engages but there's no motor spin
    If you turn the ignition and hear the starter activate, but the motor doesn't crank over, there could be a problem with the gears connected to the flywheel.
  3. Sporadic starting issues
    Loose or dirty electrical connections can cause sporadic starting issues.
  4. Grinding noises when starting the motor
    Worn-out flywheel gears can create grinding noises when starting the motor. If left unaddressed, this can cause damage to the engine, which is a costly repair.
  5. Dim interior lighting when starting the car
    A short circuit in the starter motor's wiring may cause interior lights to dim when turning on the truck by pulling extra current from the Ram's other electrical systems to compensate for the issue.
  6. Noticeable smoke when starting the motor
    A malfunctioning starter can overheat and create smoke when continual power is being supplied to the component after the engine has already ignited.

Don't ignore the warning signs of a faulty starter. Bring your Ram to our Service Department at St. Paul Dodge in Alberta for an inspection.  Call us  to book today.