Ram Exhaust System Maintenance in Grand Centre

May 23,2022

Vehicles have a way of notifying us when there is an issue, and excessive exhaust smoke can point to engine troubles. If you notice black, white or bluish-grey smoke coming from your  Ram's exhaust system, it's time to book a service appointment at St. Paul Dodge in AB to diagnose the problem.

Here's why:

  • Black smoke  can signify that your Ram's air-to-fuel ratio is lower than it should be. A clogged fuel return line, stuck fuel pressure regulator or leaking fuel injectors are often the cause, but an inspection can uncover the exact issue.
  • White smoke  can be harder to diagnose, especially in cold weather. However, if this problem persists year-round, it could mean there's a coolant leak in the combustion chamber. A blown head gasket, cracked cylinder head or a fractured engine block could be the culprit, but an inspection is the best way to determine the cause and repair.
  • Bluish-grey smoke  could mean that oil has leaked into the combustion chamber from faulty valve seals, a stuck PCV valve, worn piston rings or damaged cylinder walls. In most cases, your Ram's engine will require disassembling to repair the problem.

Don't let your Ram's exhaust system suffer from a lack of regular maintenance. Instead, follow the service schedule outlined in your Owner's Guide to ensure the optimal operation of your truck. To learn more,  contact  our Service Department in AB today.