Ram Brake Maintenance in Smoky Lake

May 23,2022

When was the last time you had your  Ram's brake fluid flushed? If it has been two years or longer, you'll want to bring your truck into St. Paul Dodge's Service Department in Alberta to give it the attention it deserves.

Made up of numerous parts and componentry, your braking system relies on fluid to activate the callipers and pads when you engage the brake pedal. The fluid travels to the braking system in each wheel and causes the pistons to apply pressure to the brakes. These forces then create friction, causing your Ram to stop. 

Brake fluid also serves as a lubricant for all movable parts and prevents corrosion, which allows your braking systems to remain in optimal condition. Over time, valves can deteriorate and moisture can sneak into the lines, causing rust and sediment to form. As a result, the brake fluid becomes muddy-looking and dirty, which impacts your Ram's stopping power.

To prevent brake failure and ensure your safety, it is recommended that you flush your Ram's brake fluid according to the schedule outlined in your owner's guide.

If you have questions related to your Ram's brake maintenance, get in touch with our team today at St. Paul Dodge in Alberta.