North Battlefield Drivers: Why Is Preventive Maintenance Vital for Your Car?

May 23,2022

Modern vehicles are built to perform better, last longer, and require fewer repairs. However, taking your auto to a service centre for preventive maintenance can ensure that you avoid breakdowns or more serious (and expensive) issues later on.

Here are the reasons why preventive maintenance is so important. 

Your vehicle will be safer
Performing routine maintenance will lower the chances of a catastrophic malfunction while you're driving. Such occurrences could leave you stationary on the shoulder of the highway or even cause a collision.  

You will enjoy optimal performance
Keeping up with your vehicle's maintenance schedule will ensure better performance. For example, you can be confident in the traction of your tires, the reliability of your transmission, and the responsiveness of your engine.

It will save you money
Preventive maintenance, by its very definition, limits more significant issues. Larger problems with your engine, transmission, and other major components tend to be costly. You can reduce these expenses with cheaper scheduled tune-ups.  

It will preserve the resale value of your car
Preventive maintenance won't just make driving a better experience for you, but for the next owner, too. A well-kept vehicle will usually get a higher price in the used car market.

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