Maximize Uptime with Ram Truck Maintenance in St. Paul

May 23,2022

Whether you use your truck for daily driving or it's an integral part of a commercial fleet, you have little room in your busy schedule to deal with downtime. This winter, keep your  Ram  1500, 2500 or 3500 in optimal shape by servicing it with the pros at St. Paul Dodge in Alberta.

Here are four tips to maximize your Ram's uptime during the colder months:

  • Check Your Battery
    Cold engines require more battery power to start a truck, and frosty temperatures can make it difficult for batteries to hold a charge. Keep your Ram's battery in top condition by having it inspected to ensure its performance all winter long.
  • Use a Block Heater
    To lessen the power drain on the battery when starting the engine in the morning, plug your Ram's block heater in to maintain the engine's temperature overnight.
  • Gas Up
    It can be tempting to ride on empty, but condensation can build in the fuel tank, causing fuel lines to freeze when the mercury drops. Instead, always keep your tank at least half full to avoid getting stranded.
  • Use the Right Fuel
    Cold temperatures can cause fuel to gel, fuel lines to freeze, and plug filters with build-up. Always fill up with seasonally appropriate fuel and consider adding recommended additives for reliable performance.

Give your Ram the attention it deserves with regular maintenance from our experts at St. Paul Dodge in AB.  Contact us  today to schedule an appointment.