Jeep Wrangler Alignment Inspections in Cold Lake

Jun 7,2022

After winter's thaw, Cold Lake roads can look (and feel) like Swiss cheese. As you weave your way through potholes and inevitably hit a few, it's normal for your Jeep Wrangler's alignment to get out of whack.  When this happens, you might experience steering wheel vibrations, notice that your vehicle doesn't drive perfectly straight or feel like your suspension is no longer calibrated. Improper alignment can also impact your tire performance, causing your tread to wear prematurely and reducing your gas mileage. This is why St. Paul Dodge offers alignment inspections and repairs to Alberta drivers. Our Service Department uses high-tech equipment to properly align your wheels according to manufacturer specs and model requirements. Our expert Technicians can also inspect your suspension for damaged or worn parts and complete any necessary repairs to enjoy a safe and comfortable ride quality. You'll want your alignment checked every 48,000 km and whenever you have new tires installed. Or, if you have a run-in with a deep pothole, it's best to book an inspection to assess the damage and repair it before it becomes a larger issue. To learn more about your Jeep Wrangler's maintenance requirements, contact our Service Department at St. Paul Dodge in Alberta to speak with a member of our team.