Jeep Windshield Wiper Maintenance in Bonnyville

May 23,2022

Blind-spot monitoring, lane-keeping assistance and perimeter alarms are common vehicle safety systems. However, there is another component that Alberta drivers often neglect and that is their wiper blades. Tasked with clearing rain, snow and debris from the windshield, wipers require regular maintenance to ensure their performance and good visibility.

Here are some helpful tips from our Technicians at St. Paul Dodge to keep your  Jeep's windshield wipers in top condition:

  1. Do not use your wipers to clear ice and snow
    It is tempting to clear heavy ice and snow from the windshield using the wipers, but this can damage the rubber blade, snap an arm or cause the motor to strain. Always defrost and scrape the glass before turning on the wipers.
  2. Replace your blades every six months
    A good rule of thumb is to change your blades two times a year (ideally in the spring and fall). If you don't, you may experience smearing, streaking, chattering or skipping as the wipers travel across the windshield.
  3. Clean your windshield regularly
    A dirty windshield will cause your wipers to work harder and wear down the rubber compounds a lot faster. When you fill-up at the gas station, give your windshield a quick clean to ensure better wiper blade performance.
  4. Avoid running your wipers on dry glass
    A dry windshield will cause the wiper blades to wear quicker. Always use washer fluid when turning on your wipers and keep the reservoir topped up.

To learn more about maintaining your Jeep's wiper blades,  contact  our Service Department at St. Paul Dodge in Alberta.