Jeep Regular Maintenance in Elk Point

May 23,2022

f you are looking for ways to extend the life of your  Jeep, you have come to the right place. At St. Paul Dodge in Alberta, our Service Department provides regularly scheduled maintenance to keep your SUV running in top condition and ward off any sudden repairs.

Here are four tips from our Technicians to get the most years of driving enjoyment out of your Jeep:

  1. Check your fluids
    Your SUV features numerous parts and components, including the engine, brakes, transmission and power steering. To run their best, many of the systems in your vehicle rely on fluids or oils to operate. If they are dirty, contaminated or low, these critical components cannot function well and can fail. A regular inspection of your fluids will help extend the life of your Jeep and its parts.
  2. Replace your timing belt
    Most newer vehicles use a timing belt to prevent pistons and valves from colliding. If this part is worn, it could fail and damage the engine. Your Jeep Owner's Guide outlines the specific maintenance interval for timing belt replacements. Follow the service schedule to prolong the life of your engine.
  3. Inspect your suspension system
    A worn shock or strut will compromise your SUV's performance by increasing your stopping distance, causing uneven tire wear and making for a bumpier ride. By replacing your shocks and struts as outlined in your Owner's Guide, you will improve your vehicle's stability, maximize tire-to-road contact and extend the life of your Jeep.
  4. Check your tires for proper inflation and wear
    Uneven wear can put extra stress on your suspension, affect your alignment and cause premature tire replacement. Regular inspections, proper inflation and tire rotations can preserve the life of your rubber, promote even wear and achieve better fuel economy.

For more tips about extending the life of your Jeep with regular maintenance,  contact  our Service Department today to speak with an advisor.