Jeep Oil Change Advice in St. Paul

May 23,2022

Whether you drive a  Jeep Cherokee,  Compass  or  Wrangler, you should follow your vehicle's recommended maintenance schedules as outlined in your owner's guide. Not only will this keep your Jeep operating in optimal condition, but it will ensure a positive ownership experience too. At St. Paul Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Alberta, we're here for all your service and maintenance needs including oil changes.

Regular oil changes are important because they protect your engine from requiring an expensive repair or worse a full replacement due to failure. Here are four warning signs to look for when it comes to keeping your Jeep's engine in excellent condition:

  1. Check engine light   If this light is activated on your dash, it could mean you need a simple oil change or that your engine requires an inspection.
  2. Low oil level   A low oil level can harm your engine and its components. Frequently check your Jeep's oil levels using the dipstick to assess whether you need to top up the oil.
  3. Black oil   When checking the oil level, pay attention to the colouring too. If it's black, that could mean there are contaminants in the oil, which could filter into your engine.
  4. Loud noises   If your oil is old and contaminated, it will cause your engine parts and components to rub together, creating friction and loud sounds.

If you are experiencing any of the above warning signs, don't wait for the situation to deteriorate.  Contact  our Service Department at St. Paul Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Alberta to schedule an oil change appointment today.