How to Know If You Need to Change Your Brake Pads in St. Paul, AB

Apr 13,2022

Brake pads are among the most important parts of your car. If they are worn out, they can potentially cause an accident. Below are some signs that will help you decide when it is time to make an appointment at a service centre.  

  • Noise
    Squealing sounds can be normal during rainy weather, but if you hear them in dry conditions, it's a good idea to have your brakes checked by a  service centre professional.
  • Pedal Vibrations
    If stopping your car is getting more challenging, and the brake pedal vibrates when you step down on it, it might be due to worn-out pads.
  • An Illuminated Brake Light
    Some autos have a sensor on the brake pad. It triggers an indicator light on the dash when maintenance is necessary. At the very least, you should have a professional inspect the vehicle when you see this icon.  

If you notice these signs on your car, contact our St. Paul service centre today.