How RAM Trucks Provide a Quiet Ride in St. Paul, AB

May 23,2022

RAM trucks  rely on multiple systems to provide a quiet ride for the driver and their passengers. These elements work together to reduce road noise and dampen the loud sounds that are common at job sites.  

RAM vehicles have both active and passive noise reduction systems. The windshield, for example, has acoustic glass with an extra layer that dampens road sounds when you are on the street. Furthermore, the hood is sculpted to direct the air over the truck rather than at the wipers. 

RAM trucks also come with an Active Noise Cancellation system. This unique feature is similar to the technology used to make high-end over-the-ear headphones. 

There are four microphones in the cabin to detect and define unwanted noises. The system then broadcasts the opposite sound over the truck's speakers. The result is that it literally cancels out the drone of the road or wind or the clanging of a job site. 

Finally, available air suspension not only helps create a smoother ride for passengers it also limits the sounds that occur when the car goes over cracks and bumps on the road. 

If you would like to experience this unique set of features, contact our St. Paul dealership today to schedule a test drive.