How Does Part-Time Four-Wheel Drive Work in Alberta, Canada?

May 23,2022

Many AWD vehicles have a shiftable 4x4 system.  Jeep Cherokees, for example, come with Active Drive I, which engages both axles on slippery roads.  

AWD cars and trucks use a transfer case to send torque to all tires. However, when this drive style is not needed, shiftable powertrains can disengage one of the axles to convert to FWD or RWD. Doing so can increase fuel efficiency. 

Off-road models, such as the  Jeep Wrangler  Rubicon, provide more than one 4x4 mode. These vehicles have an additional low gear that offers extra muscle for exceptionally steep or slippery terrain.  

Some cars use a manual shifter to make the drivetrain change. Others offer electronic controls where you connect and disconnect the axle by pushing a button. Finally, there are SUVs and trucks that automatically react based on readings from the wheels and steering.  

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