How Does Chrysler’s Stow ‘N Go Seating Work in Lloydminster, AB?

May 23,2022

Chrysler's Stow' N Go Seating is a unique feature on  Pacificas  and  Grand Caravans  that lets you fold the second and third rows into bins under the floor. The design makes more space for cargo if the seats are retracted. When not in use, these compartments can provide storage for other items.  

The Stow' N Go bins are under the floor mat in front of each row. To access the compartments, you simply disengage the lock rod and pull on the handle near the seat. The hatch will open easily, though you may need to slide the nearby chair forward if it blocks the path. 

To use the Stow' N Go feature, you first need to ensure the front rows are far enough forward. You then have to fold the armrests and remove any loose items that may block the process. There is a strap on the bottom of each seat or bench section. When you pull on it, the chair folds down until you can comfortably close the hatch and replace the mat. 

When you need the seat again, you simply open the compartment and pull on the same strap until the chair comes up and clicks into place. 

If you would like to try the Stow' N Go feature on the Chrysler Pacifica orGrand Caravan models, contact our Alberta dealership today.