How Do Parking Assistance Systems Work in Saint Paul, Alberta?

May 23,2022

Parking assistance features have become more common in recent years. These systems aid drivers as they pull into spaces, but the kind of support they offer varies. 

All these tools use sensors mounted on the rear of the vehicle to locate obstructions. In some cases, the car provides a visual alert by lighting up an icon in the rearview mirrors. In other instances, there is an audio warning - usually a beep over the speakers. 

Tech-savvy  systems, such as  Chrysler's  ParkSense, can take over the steering and move the vehicle into the space without input from the driver. However, you can override the process by touching the wheel or brakes.  

Finally, the most common parking tool is a rearview camera. It provides a live feed from behind the car. The image often has dynamic gridlines, which show where the vehicle will go if it remains on its current steering trajectory. 

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