Dodge Timing Belt Replacements in Vermilion

May 23,2022

If you hear an abnormal squeaking coming from under your hood or worse, your  Dodge  won't start you could be having an issue with your vehicle's timing belt. This component is a rubber sash with teeth that mesh with the mating sprockets. Its job is to maintain crankshaft-to-camshaft synchronization, ensuring the proper timing and operation of the engine and its valves.

The best way to avoid a breakdown from a failed timing belt is by keeping up with your vehicle's regular maintenance at St. Paul Dodge's Service Department in Alberta. Like other automotive parts, timing belts have recommended replacement intervals in your Owner's Guide. If this service is not completed at the suggested interval, the belt can break and cause significant engine damage.

When you have the timing belt replaced on your Dodge, our qualified service technicians can also inspect other vital components, such as the water pump, timing belt sprockets and tension pulleys. If these parts are failing or about to fail, we can replace them at the same time to ensure your vehicle's optimal performance.

Don't ignore abnormal sounds coming from under your hood. Book an appointment with St. Paul Dodge in AB today.