Dodge Fuel Pump Maintenance in Smoky Lake

May 23,2022

For the average motorist, they may not know anything about their fuel pump (or that their  Dodge  is even equipped with one) until it breaks down. But, a fuel pump plays an important role it injects gas into the engine so that a car can run. If this part is faulty or malfunctioning, you won't get very far.  

To avoid an unexpected breakdown, here are some warning signs from our Technicians at St. Paul Dodge in Alberta:

  • Engine Sputters  
    If your fuel pump cannot inject a consistent stream of gas, the engine will sputter at high speeds.
  • Surging
    If you find your vehicle coasting at a consistent speed, then suddenly surging forward without depressing the gas pedal, this could be a sign of irregular resistance within the fuel pump's motor.
  • High Temperature
    A faulty fuel pump will often signal an issue by raising the temperature gauge to a higher heat, which can cause a vehicle to stall.
  • Loss of Power  
    Climbing hills or heavy payloads can put a strain on a vehicle. If your fuel pump is deteriorating, it will have a difficult time supplying gas to the engine, leading to a breakdown.
  • Bad Fuel Economy
    If your Dodge guzzles fuel, it could mean that your pump's relief valve is faulty, causing more gas to unnecessarily flow into the engine.
  • Vehicle Won't Start
    If you turn the ignition and hear the engine crank and rev but never catch, this could be from low pressure in the gas line resulting from a faulting fuel pump.

Never leave fuel pump issues left unfixed. Instead,  schedule a service appointment  at St. Paul Dodge in Alberta to give your vehicle the care it deserves.