Dodge Anti-lock Brake System Maintenance and Repair in Grand Centre

May 23,2022

The Anti-lock Brake System also known as ABS is a critical safety feature on Dodge vehicles. This system maintains precise handling while navigating on a slippery surface. It keeps the wheels spinning properly by quickly engaging and disengaging the discs in rapid succession. This allows for smooth stoppage and it helps to avoid a sudden loss in traction. 

If your ABS light is on, you'll want to schedule a service appointment at St. Paul Dodge in Alberta. The illuminated light indicates that the system has become deactivated due to a malfunction.

Your regular brakes will still work as promised, but the anti-lock feature that prevents your wheels from locking while stopping will not function. Stability control and traction control will also be disabled since they use the same wheel-speed sensors as the anti-lock system (and this will greatly compromise performance on winter roads). 

A malfunctioning ABS has several causes, but it's usually a result of these five things:

  • A blown fuse  
  • A damaged or dirty wheel-speed sensor  
  • A broken sensor wire
  • A controller that has stopped working
  • A faulty brake fluid pump or valve  

The best way to diagnose the problem is to bring your new Dodge to our Service Department for an inspection. Our experienced Technicians will complete a thorough examination of your vehicle and address the issue with the appropriate repair or replacement part.  

Drive safely this winter. Contact our team at St. Paul Dodge in Alberta to book an appointment and have your brakes inspected.