Do St. Paul, AB Drivers Need Skid Plates on Their Truck or SUV?

May 23,2022

Off-road-focused autos like the  2021 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk  have skid plates. These metal protectors are meant to shield vital under-side components. You may or may not need this type of feature, depending on how you plan to use your vehicle.  

Skid plates do not cover the entire bottom of a truck or SUV. Instead, they protect specific parts, including the transfer case, fuel tank, and transmission. Typically, the vehicles offering this feature also have other elements - such as heavy-duty axles - that provide extra durability. 

Are skid-plates useful if you don't spend a lot of time on the trail? Yes, they can preserve components and slow general wear. If you drive during the wintertime, the metal sheets can help shield your transmission, fuel, and differentials from deep snow. They can also negate the corrosive effects of de-icing agents.  

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