Common Diesel Engine Problems That Vermilion Truck Owners Need to Know About

May 23,2022

In many ways, diesel engines are easier to maintain than their gas peers (which is why  Ram  fans prefer them). However, these motors do experience occasional issues, and it is important to recognize problems early so that a trained technician can handle them before they get worse.  

Here are two of the most common issues for diesel engines. 

  • Overheating
    Overheating is the most common issue faced by diesel engines. It can lead to worse problems, such as distorted cylinder heads and pistons or a damaged crankshaft. Luckily, all pickups have a gauge that will warn you when the engine gets too hot.  
  • Oil Leakage
    Old gaskets and seals can crack or peel away and allow lubricant to spill out. Many oil leaks are slow, so you may not notice them until it's too late. This issue  not only affects the working of the engine, but it can also pollute the environment and pose a fire risk. You can check your levels regularly using the onboard computer or a dipstick and  visit a service centre  when it gets low without explanation.  

Regular maintenance and early inspections when you suspect a problem can keep your diesel engine in perfect shape. Contact our service centre today if you need assistance with your pickup truck.