Book a Fuel Filter Change For Your Ram in Bonnyville

May 23,2022

Whether you drive your  Ram  for business or pleasure, there's no reason to settle for less-than-stellar performance. Hard starts, rough idles and stalls are a waste of time and frustration. These symptoms are also a sign that your truck is due for a fuel filter change from St. Paul Dodge's Service Department in Alberta.

Engine filters are often a forgotten maintenance item, but they are too critical of a component to be ignored. Filters screen dirt and debris to stop contaminants from entering the fuel system. If you drive too long with a clogged filter, you can experience:

  • Poor economy: Contaminants block the filter and impede airflow.
  • Engine misfires: Debris prevents the engine from getting enough fuel.
  • Fuel system failures: Pumps break down when pushing fuel through dirty filters.
  • Noisy operation: Fuel pumps function loudly when the filter is clogged.

To keep your truck performing in top condition, be sure to follow your Ram's scheduled maintenance as outlined in your Owner's Guide.

Contact our Service Department today to find out your model's recommended fuel filter change interval or to book a maintenance appointment.