Battery Inspections for Ram 1500 Trucks in Elk Point

May 23,2022

A properly functioning battery is necessary for the safe operation of your  Ram 1500. Not only does it supply power to the starter and ignition, but it provides extra energy when your truck's load requirements exceed the supply from the charging system. The battery is also a voltage stabilizer for your vehicle's electrical system. Simply put, it is an essential component of your Ram 1500.

Generally, batteries begin to fail around the three-year point. And, when that does happen, you'll know from these warning signs:

  • Hard starting, slow cranking
  • History of charging or electrical system concerns
  • Battery cables in poor condition
  • Bulging or deformed battery container
  • Loose battery terminals
  • Leaking battery fluid

At St. Paul Dodge in Alberta, our factory-trained technicians will test your Ram 1500's battery at your next service appointment and record the findings to ensure that you don't experience a failure when you least expect it. Our team will also perform a visual inspection of the battery and its connections to look for signs of wear. If you need a replacement, we can recommend the right battery for your truck.

To book your Ram 1500 maintenance appointment, contact our Service Department today.