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Auto Advice For St. Paul Consumers
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<a href=" "><img src="images/upload/May_2022/AA-3-2022-jeep-wrangler-sport-s-exterior-st-paul-ab.jpeg"alt="A grey 2022 Jeep Wrangler parked on St. Paul Dodge's new vehicle lot in Alberta"/></a>After winter’s thaw, Cold Lake roads can look (and feel) like Swiss cheese. As you weave your way through potholes and inevitably hit a few, it’s normal for your Jeep Wrangler’s alignment to get out of whack. 

When this happens, you might experience steering wheel vibrations, notice that your vehicle doesn’t drive perfectly straight or feel like your suspension is no longer calibrated. Improper alignment can also impact your tire performance, causing your tread to wear prematurely and reducing your gas mileage.

This is why St. Paul Dodge offers alignment inspections and repairs to Alberta drivers.

Our Service Department uses high-tech equipment to properly align your wheels according to manufacturer specs and model requirements. Our expert Technicians can also inspect your suspension for damaged or worn parts and complete any necessary repairs to enjoy a safe and comfortable ride quality.

You’ll want your alignment checked every 48,000 km and whenever you have new tires installed. Or, if you have a run-in with a deep pothole, it’s best to book an inspection to assess the damage and repair it before it becomes a larger issue.

To learn more about your Jeep Wrangler’s maintenance requirements, contact our Service Department at St. Paul Dodge in Alberta to speak with a member of our team.
<a href=""><img src="images/upload/May_2022/AA-1-2022-jeep-wrangler-service-st-paul-ab.jpegn"alt="A grey 2022 Jeep Wrangler parked on St. Paul Dodge's new vehicle lot in Alberta"/></a>Like all vehicles, your Jeep Wrangler from St. Paul Dodge uses its braking system to create friction to stop safely. When you push the brake pedal, the pads inside the callipers press against the rotor to slow you down. Think about how many times you brake during your commute to work – now magnify that over a year. That’s a lot of friction!

As a result, your brake parts will naturally wear out over time. When this happens, you might feel the steering wheel shudder, hear grinding and squealing, or notice that your brake pedal feels squishy. You might also smell a strange odour or see an illuminated warning light on your dash. All of these symptoms lead to needing a brake inspection.

Of course, you never want to get to this point, especially since your 2022 Jeep Wrangler is brand new. That’s why it’s always best to be proactive with your maintenance. Routine inspections can help ward off more expensive repairs and find signs of wear before your brakes get to metal-on-metal. 

When you book your Wrangler for a service visit, our Technicians will check for pad wear, rough spots on the rotors and signs of damage. In some cases, we can resurface rotors to save money. Our team can also review your driving habits and service intervals to keep your Jeep in top condition for your safety and overall enjoyment.

Contact us at St. Paul Dodge in Alberta to book your brake inspection today.
<a href=""><img src="images/upload/April_2022/AA-4-2022-ram-2500-exterior-st-paul-ab.jpeg"alt="An interior image of the 2022 Ram 2500's cabin"/></a>Springtime is a season of renewal, regrowth and rebirth. Bulbs are popping up, and the grass is turning green. But your allergies? They are rearing their ugly head. You can’t get any reprieve from sniffling and sneezing, including in the comfort of your vehicle. But when did you change your Ram 2500’s air filter last? Relief is on the way at St. Paul Dodge in Alberta.

The air filter’s main job is to collect and trap any allergens or air pollutants that make their way into the truck’s cabin. Unfortunately, these nose-clogging particles can obstruct your filter over time, causing your allergies to feel worse than they need to.

A Technician should change your cabin air filter regularly, but your Ram 2500 Owner’s Guide will state the recommended interval. If you tend to drive in more extreme conditions, like on dirt roads or in heavily polluted areas, it’s good to change it more often.

Don’t get caught up with a case of the sniffles this spring. Instead, be proactive and replace your Ram 2500’s cabin air filter before the pollen reaches intense levels. Contact our team at St. Paul Dodge in Alberta today to book your service appointment.
<a href=""><img src="images/upload/April_2022/AA-3-2022-ram-2500-exterior-st-paul-ab.jpeg"alt="A black 2022 Ram 2500 pickup truck cresting a dirt road with mountains in the background"/></a>At St. Paul Dodge in Alberta, we believe that routine maintenance is one of the best ways to keep your vehicle safe and performing well on the road. This spring, give your Ram 2500 the treatment it deserves by booking your truck a service appointment for an oil change.

Oil changes are an essential routine maintenance item on the Ram 2500. The engine is comprised of many moving parts and when they rub together they create friction. Clean oil lubricates the engine and absorbs the excess heat, allowing internal components and systems to work together more effectively.

If your engine oil is old, broken down or dirty, it will not be able to do its job, leading to an unexpected breakdown – or worse, a major engine failure.

Your Ram 2500 Owner’s Guide will specify how frequently you should change the oil based on your operating conditions. If you are overdue for service, spring is a great time to give your truck some TLC. Cold weather operation and short run times can lead to an increased amount of condensation in an engine’s oil. By changing it now, you can avoid costly repairs down the road.

To learn more, contact our Service Department at St. Paul Dodge in Alberta to book your appointment or to inquire about our additional maintenance services.
<a href=""><img src="images/upload/April_2022/AA-2-2022-ram-2500-exterior-st-paul-ab.jpeg"alt="A white 2022 Ram 2500 pickup truck driving on a highway overlooking the ocean"/></a>Springtime in Alberta – there’s nothing better! The snow has melted, the weather is warmer, and people get to enjoy the outdoors. But your Ram 2500? It’s covered in a layer of road salt and is rolling on winter tires. Spring is a time for rejuvenation – and that includes your ride. 

Here are seven tips from our service experts at St. Paul Dodge to give your truck the treatment it deserves:

1. Clean the underbelly: Road salt is corrosive and will damage the paint and frame of your Ram 2500. Each spring, wash the undercarriage of your truck to preserve its structural integrity. 

2. Replace your windshield wipers: Wipers should be replaced every six months, especially before the rainy season. Ensure your visibility isn’t compromised by worn-out blades.

3. Deep clean from the inside out: Like you scrub your home each spring, your Ram 2500 deserves the same. Clean all surfaces, windows and floor mats inside the vehicle, then wash and wax the exterior to restore your truck’s good looks.

4. Swap your winter tires: Once the outside temp climbs above 7°C, it’s time to switch back to your all-season tires for better fuel efficiency and performance.

5. Inspect your brakes: Road salt can also do a number on your brakes, especially the pads. When you swap your tires, have your brakes inspected to ensure they are in good working order.

6. Check your alignment: Potholes are notorious for kicking vehicles out of alignment, which will cause your tires to wear down faster, and your ride quality will suffer. To avoid these issues, have your alignment inspected each spring. 

7. Measure your tire pressure: Temperature swings can wreak havoc on your tire pressure, which can cause poor fuel economy. Check your Ram 2500 Owner’s Manual to ensure your tires are inflated with the correct PSI.

Give your truck the spring treatment! Contact us at St. Paul Dodge in Alberta to book your service appointment today.
<a href=" "><img src="images/upload/April_2022/AA-1-2022-ram-2500-exterior-st-paul-ab.jpeg"alt="A grey Ram 2500 truck driving down a one-way city street with a hotel in the background"/></a>With gas prices at an all-time high, getting the best fuel economy from your Ram 2500 is essential. At St. Paul Dodge in Alberta, our Service Department can keep your truck in prime operating condition to increase your behind-the-wheel enjoyment and deliver relief at the pumps.

Here are three ways that our service experts are here to help:

1. Check your tires for correct pressure 
Under-inflated tires increase rolling resistance, thus forcing your engine to work harder and burn more expensive fuel. Our Technicians will ensure that your Ram 2500’s tires have the correct PSI to boost your gas mileage.
2. Recommend the right tires on your truck
Having the wrong type or size of tire on your Ram 2500 will increase your fuel consumption and put extra strain on your vehicle. Our team can recommend and install the best tires for your rig to ensure optimal performance.
3. Use the recommended grade of motor oil 
Your Owner’s Guide specifies the correct type of motor oil to use in your truck, including the recommended grade and formulation. When you service your Ram 2500 at St. Paul Dodge, we’ll ensure your pickup has the appropriate fluids to return the best fuel economy. 

Improve your Ram 2500’s efficiency with proper maintenance from our team in Alberta. Contact us to arrange your next service appointment today!
<a href=""><img src="images/upload/March_2022/1-2022-ram-1500-towing-st-paul-ab.jpeg"alt="A deep red 2022 Ram 1500 pulling an ATV on a trailer on a dirt road"/></a>Winter brings many driving hazards to Alberta, including snow-covered roads, black ice and harsh conditions. But, with spring's arrival, another danger will rear its ugly head – and that's the dreaded pothole.

Potholes are especially prominent this time of year and are caused by the freezing and thawing cycles that allow moisture to seep into the road surfaces, causing them to crumble. When this happens, potholes form and pose a severe threat to your Ram 1500's suspension.

And while little can be done to prevent the deterioration of Alberta's infrastructure, there are ways to protect your truck from unnecessary damage. Here are five tips from our Service Department at St. Paul Dodge:

1. Stick to familiar routes to anticipate potholes or avoid them altogether. 

2. Always travel on well-lit roads where potholes are easier to spot.

3. Follow the speed limit and remain alert to see potholes before driving into them.

4. Never skid or stop hard over a pothole – brake before impact to minimize damage. 
5. After hitting a pothole, inspect for damage and watch for signs of alignment pull or unsteady steering.

Don't let rough asphalt slow you down. Keep your Ram 1500's suspension system in prime condition with regular inspections and maintenance from our service experts at St. Paul Dodge. Call us to book your appointment today!
<a href=""><img src="images/upload/March_2022/SER-03-2022-ram-1500-limited-exterior-st-paul-dodge-ab.jpeg"alt="A black 2022 Ram 1500 Limited parked on a running track with a sports field in the background"/></a>Tire rotations are an essential element for the regular upkeep and safety of Ram 1500 trucks; however, it’s a common maintenance item that’s easy to overlook. If you haven’t had your truck’s tires rotated in the last 8,000-12,000 km, book your Ram 1500 in for service at St. Paul Dodge in Alberta.

Tire rotation is a critical part of routine maintenance for various reasons:

1. Extends Tread Life
Rotating the Ram 1500’s tires regularly ensures that wear is distributed equally across all four wheels, which extends the life of the tread. Since each position on your vehicle necessitates a different amount of traction from each tire, this can result in uneven rubber wear.

2. Improves Traction
Even tread wear ensures consistent tread depths, thus providing consistent traction and handling across all four tires. This enhances the Ram 1500’s cornering and braking performance, but it is also essential to your safety.

3. Reduces Strain
Evenly worn tires minimize loads on 4x4-equipped Ram 1500 trucks, which extends the life of drivetrain components and wards off expensive repairs.

When you visit our Service Department at St. Paul Dodge in Alberta, our team will complete a thorough tire inspection to look for uneven wear or any other issues. We will also check your tire tread depth and ensure proper pressure so that you can drive safely and with confidence.

To book your Ram 1500 service visit, contact us today.
<a href=""><img src="images/upload/March_2022/SER-02-2022-ram-1500-exterior-st-paul-dodge-ab.jpeg"alt="A man in an orange safety shirt getting jumper cables from the 2022 Ram 1500's truck bed"/></a>A properly functioning battery is necessary for the safe operation of your Ram 1500. Not only does it supply power to the starter and ignition, but it provides extra energy when your truck's load requirements exceed the supply from the charging system. The battery is also a voltage stabilizer for your vehicle's electrical system. Simply put, it is an essential component of your Ram 1500.

Generally, batteries begin to fail around the three-year point. And, when that does happen, you'll know from these warning signs:

• Hard starting, slow cranking
• History of charging or electrical system concerns
• Battery cables in poor condition
• Bulging or deformed battery container
• Loose battery terminals
• Leaking battery fluid

At St. Paul Dodge in Alberta, our factory-trained technicians will test your Ram 1500's battery at your next service appointment and record the findings to ensure that you don't experience a failure when you least expect it. Our team will also perform a visual inspection of the battery and its connections to look for signs of wear. If you need a replacement, we can recommend the right battery for your truck.

To book your Ram 1500 maintenance appointment, contact our Service Department today.
<a href=""><img src="images/upload/March_2022/AA-1-2022-ram-1500-big-horn-exterior-st-paul-ab.jpeg"alt="A black 2022 Ram 1500 parked on St. Paul Dodge's new truck lot in St. Paul Alberta"/></a>Most drivers don't think twice about the spark plugs in their gas-powered trucks – including the Ram 1500 – but these small parts play an essential role in how a vehicle functions. Unfortunately, over time, they can wear out and require replacement – and without properly working spark plugs, internal combustion within the engine is near impossible.  

Want to know what to look out for? Here are some spark plug warning signs from our Technicians at St. Paul Dodge in Alberta:

Your truck won't start
If your gas tank is full and your battery is in good working order, but your Ram 1500 won't start, your spark plugs may be the issue. This part is responsible for producing an electric spark to start the ignition and is a simple and inexpensive fix. 

Your truck engine misfires
If your Ram 1500's engine misfires, it could be a sign that the spark plug wire is damaged. This is often characterized by sputtering sounds from the engine. If it is left to misfire, exhaust emissions will increase, engine power will decrease, and fuel efficiency will drop. 

Your truck gets poor gas mileage  
A faulty spark plug is often the reason for inadequate fuel economy in trucks. Simply replacing this part according to your Ram 1500's maintenance schedule will significantly improve gas mileage.

Your truck is slow to accelerate
A spark plug is made of materials that work together to produce a spark hot enough to ignite the air-fuel mixture. When those materials wear out, the plug's effectiveness is reduced, which significantly impacts acceleration.

For more auto advice for ensuring your Ram 1500's performance, contact our Service Department today to speak with an advisor at St. Paul Dodge in AB.
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