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The Importance of Wheel Alignments in B.C.

It’s an all-too-familiar situation - with your car jerking to the side, refusing to make a smooth turn. You fight against both the steering wheel and the suspension, trying to counter the constant vibrations; and you can feel the tires spinning weakly beneath you. 

A morning commute really shouldn’t be this hard.

We agree - which is why we think it’s time for a wheel alignment. Reclaim your driving experience and enhance every rev.

Defining Wheel Alignments For B.C. Drivers

Names can often be deceiving - and an alignment is no exception. B.C. drivers may be surprised to learn that this process does not involve adjusting a vehicle’s tires. Instead it refers to correcting the suspension, improving how it relates to the wheels.

Time and terrains can wreak havoc on your car, causing its drivetrain to become misaligned. To combat this, certified technicians will perform a series of adjustments - correcting the Camber (the inward and outward angles of the tire when viewed from the front, which can become tilted due to worn bearings and ball joints), Toe (the inward and outward angles of the tire when viewed from above, which can become crooked due to control arm malfunctions), and Caster (the inward and outward angles of the tire when viewed from the side, which can be damaged by bad struts or tie-downs). Each of these elements must be carefully corrected to optimize the suspension and restore traction. 

To achieve optimum measurements, technicians will utilize special sensors to measure the Camber, Toe, and Caster ratios - comparing them to designated manufacturer specifications to understand what changes must be made. This ensures seamless corrections and expedites the repair process. 

Most Common Reasons For A Wheel Alignment In B.C.

Do I need a wheel alignment? 

Some automotive questions prove difficult for B.C. drivers to answer. They require a thorough understanding of engine sequencing and CPU calculations, demanding endless hours spent beneath a hood. 

That’s not necessary with a wheel alignment. Instead, a simple drive downtown will yield quick results.
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