2022 RAM 3500 – Digital Rearview Mirror in Tofield, Alberta

Dec 8,2022

The 2022 RAM 3500 comes with a digital rearview mirror. This is a big deal for truck manufacturers, who are already implementing such mirrors in their designs. The idea of a digital rearview mirror is not necessarily based on improving the quality of the image coming from the mirror. Rather, it is more about improving how much information is conveyed to the driver. This is an excellent safety feature for large trucks like the 2022 RAM 3500, especially with how many close cars drive behind them these days to avoid being stuck in their blind spots. This mirror is also great for trucks with built-in cameras or sensors mounted low on the rear bumper or inside the bed of the truck but whose visibility is hindered by cargo or other obstructions. Those cameras would still be able to transmit images to this mirror, allowing the driver to see better than they would if they were relying on those cameras alone. This 2022 RAM 3500’s mirror lets you change the camera angle to see more of your vehicle and even look at what is behind you while in reverse. It also has a high-quality display, so everything you see on the screen is crisp and clear. With the available Tow Mode Rearview Digital Mirror Package, Trailer Surround View Camera System, and wired Tow-Mode Camera, you can maintain a watchful eye on the road behind them at all times. Contact us at St. Paul Dodge for more details about the digital rearview mirror in the 2022 RAM 3500.