2022 Ram 1500’s- Flat Bottom Steering Wheel

Aug 30,2022

An easy to operate steering wheel offers a comfortable and luxurious experience while driving. This is why the 2022 Ram 1500s flat bottom steering wheel is designed to help make maneuvering the car easier than ever. You have to sit in the driving seat to experience the comfort and thrill!

The flat bottom steering wheel is great at helping you decipher whether the wheels are aligned and straight. Moreover, the way that the flat bottom steering wheel is designed and placed offers greater leg room. The distance between the sets and steering wheel is sufficient enough to help the driver sit comfortably. You won’t experience stiff feet on long road trips any more! Your long journeys are surely something you will look forward to.

The main reason why most manufacturers installed round shaped steering wheels was because they were more efficient when it came to design, production and assembly. This is because they are cheaper and easier to manufacture than flat bottom steering wheels.

However, now that we have more advanced technology available to us today, manufacturers can now easily produce both types of designs.

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