2022 Ram 1500’s – Digital Rearview Mirror

Aug 26,2022

The rearview mirror of your car is the most important feature that helps offer visibility. And what’s even better is if it is made with the integration of technology at its core. The digital rearview mirror in the 2022 Ram 1500 is the highlight of the vehicle.

The mirrors can be adjusted up and down as desired with the push of a button. You need not worry about this feature giving up on you, it is sure to work great even after your kids have played with it multiple times.

The system uses two wide-angle cameras located on either side of the vehicle that feed video directly into the digital rearview mirror. The cameras are mounted in such a way that they can see behind and below the truck by using both sides of the road and surrounding objects like trees or buildings as reference points. They’re also positioned at different angles to ensure optimum coverage of whatever object you might want to see behind your truck.

The LCD monitor that is inbuilt inside the digital rearview mirror also offers a real time video stream that comes directly from the rear facing camera.

If you wish to get your rearview mirror inspected and wish to learn more about how it’s operated, get in touch. Our experts will help you adjust to the new tech features of the Ram 1500 right away.

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