2022 Ram 1500 – Towing and Hauling Made Easy

Sep 9,2022

Due to the size, weight, and instability of a trailer, driving and controlling a truck that is hitched to one can be challenging. Not to mention that the trailer blocks your rear view, increasing your blind spot and making it difficult for you to park and back up without bumping into things or other vehicles. Thankfully, Dodge foresaw these challenges and added features to the new 2022 Ram 1500 that make the truck easier to maneuver and control even when a trailer is hooked to it. The cutting-edge 360-degree surround vision camera, one of the essential features, gives the driver an all-around view of the truck, trailer, and its surroundings from a variety of angles. This enables the driver to remain completely aware of their surroundings and whether or not there are any obstacles around the truck, making it easier and safer to drive, park, and tow. The trailer surround view system in the new 2022 Dodge Ram 1500 extends this functionality to the trailer hitched to your truck, allowing you to know at all times what surrounds your truck and trailer. Another helpful feature is the Blind Spot Monitoring System, which uses radar sensors and cameras to scan the truck's blind spot zones and notify you in case any objects or vehicles stand in that area. Get in touch with St Paul Dodge right away to learn more about the exclusive RAM 1500 features for 2022 or to reserve a brand-new RAM 1500!