2022 Ram 1500 Colors – All the Customization You Need

Sep 8,2022

With the new 2022 RAM 1500 pickup truck lineup, Dodge has placed special emphasis on flexibility and customizability of the Ram, offering customers a variety of trim levels, engine options, and colors. With the updated aesthetics of the truck, the capability and efficiency of the machine have also improved greatly. These updated trucks can tackle all of your industrious and demanding jobs and look good doing it thanks to more powerful and efficient engines and bold, eye-catching designs. The most technologically advanced and opulent cabin in its class provides a peaceful, safe, and comfortable driving experience. The versatile driving modes make this truck an all-star for the Alberta, Canada roads, capable of providing you with efficient and smooth driving for your everyday errands as well as power and torque for when you need to tow and haul trailers or other cargo. Adding cherry on the top are the eight exquisite color options you get to choose from when configuring your 2022 Ram 1500 from St Paul Dodge. Here are the 2022 Ram 1500 colors you can choose from when building your Ram: 1. Flame Red 2. Velvet Red 3. Patriot Blue 4. Billet Silver 5. Bright White 6. Granite Crystal 7. Hydro Blue 8. Diamond Black Pay us a visit at St Paul Dodge and build your dream 2022 Dodge Ram 1500 today!