2022 Jeep Compass – Wireless Charger and Front USB in Cold Lake, Alberta

Dec 19,2022

The 2022 Jeep Compass offers a tremendous power-on-demand wireless charging system. The dashboard has a wireless charging pad, which can charge your phone while driving. This is great for long drives and commuters alike, as you can keep your phone charged and stow it away while driving. The wireless charging pad lets you power up your phone without having to deal with pesky cords. This feature is especially nice because it means you would not have to stop what you are doing to check your phone—you can keep exploring nature or take some photos of your surroundings as long as your battery does not run out. The front USB ports let you charge multiple devices simultaneously, so you do not have to bring a separate power bank for your friends' devices. Since drivers are often on the go with their phones and devices, this allows them to top off as they drive without having to go through any cables or cords. The two ports at the back can also be used by passengers in the backseat who might have brought along their phone chargers or tablets. Contact us at St. Paul Dodge for more details about the wireless charging pad and front and back USB ports in the 2022 Jeep Compass.